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STEM Initiative In Education

STEM Initiative In Education For A Bright Future

Research shows that implementing STEM education does improve a student’s learning. This is the reason many organizations like techjoyntfoundation have taken STEM initiative in education.

STEM is a very interesting blend of interpersonal skills and content skills – both of which are needed and desired in the ever growing workforce. Thus STEM disciplines are critical for all students, not just those who are naturally proficient in math and science.

STEM Initiative In Education


There are some key characteristics or best practices for successful STEM initiative in education:

  • STEM curriculum programs are approached from a real world, integrated perceptive.
  • It appeals to a broad range of learner interests by creating a transdisciplinary framework featuring fine arts, social studies, and languages. This program is called
  • It engages and inspires students of all ability and interests by accommodating a variety of learning styles.
  • It personalizes learning relevant to the interest and experiences of each and every student.
  • STEM initiative in education encourages hands-on, minds-on projects.
  • Genuine inquiry and problem based perceptive are the thresholds for project engagement motivation
  • Every document is assessed and presented through ePortfolios or similar methods.
  • The entire learning system including hardware, software, kits, equipment, curriculum, assessment, and professional development of every child is aligned to the learning objective.
  • Technology or the learning system is in the hands of the students and not just the teachers, administrators or the service providers.
  • Students take responsibility for their own learning
  • Quality collaboration (students work in pairs or large teams) is a regular part of the assessment process
  • The levels of challenge and self-direction increases as the program scaffolds
  • Program technology is readily available through enterprises like techjoyntfoundation. Here the technology and curriculum resources are regularly updated and augmented.

STEM Initiative In Education

The call for STEM integration to better secure the future of education and a nation as a whole led to the development of techjoyntfoundation. It imparts common educational practices in form of problem-solving, cooperative learning and subject integration. They encourage the student to design solution to problems in a foundational and authentic environment using real world data and problems.

Enroll your child in a program or camp by techjoyntfoundation and provide true mastery of STEM skills to them.


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Each year the foundation organizes a Game Design Summit towards the end of summer break.

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